Set to Shine at G4I Madrid as Part of Campus GovTech Connect

César López, CEO of Findspo, participates in the GovTech Connect Bootcamp at G4i Madrid, showcasing innovative solutions for human mobility and migration.

César López, the visionary CEO of Findspo, is gearing up to make a significant appearance at the G4i Madrid campus as part of the GovTech Connect Bootcamp, scheduled to take place from May 21-23, 2024. This event brings together innovative startups and government officials to explore the intersection of technology and governance, with a focus on bridging solutions beyond growth.As part of the bootcamp, Findspo will showcase its cutting-edge solutions for human mobility and migration, particularly its AI-powered tool, HUMAING MOBILITY. This revolutionary technology optimizes resources, creates sustainable urban spaces, and repopulates rural areas, all while leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.Under César López’s leadership, Findspo has been at the forefront of innovation, driven by its proprietary technologies in AI, Natural Language Processing, Data Science, and Blockchain. The company’s mission is to enhance competitiveness and provide servitization services in a post-growth economy, reshaping industries through technological servitization.The GovTech Connect Bootcamp at G4i Madrid provides a unique platform for Findspo to connect with like-minded innovators and policymakers, fostering a collaborative environment that can drive meaningful change. César López’s presence at the event underscores Findspo’s commitment to shaping the future of technological transformation and its role in the GovTech ecosystem.

Event Details:

Date: May 21-23, 2024

Location: G4i Madrid, Spain

Event Type: GovTech Connect Bootcamp

Focus: Human Mobility and Migration

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