Findspo’s Participation in Desafía Berlín: A Step Towards Global Sustainability

Desafia Berlin Findspo

Desafía Berlín, a public initiative sponsored by ICEX and, aims to help Spanish technology companies scale faster and globally. This program is designed to accelerate the scaling process of startups, providing them with a comprehensive opportunity to discover the Berlin ecosystem and connect with potential partners, investors, and customers. Findspo, a startup that connects humanity, fauna, and flora through data ecosystems to achieve global sustainability, has been selected to participate in this program.

Findspo’s mission is to reconnect nature and humanity, empowering a sustainable society. The company’s vision is to provide life opportunities to its users based on their values and motivations. Findspo’s innovative solutions are designed to improve efficiency and transparency in various sectors, including government services, healthcare, and real estate. The company’s approach goes beyond artificial intelligence or social monitoring, focusing on giving voice to sustainability stakeholders often overlooked in the data.

Findspo’s Participation in Desafía Berlín

Findspo’s participation in Desafía Berlín is a significant step towards global sustainability. The program provides a platform for Spanish startups to scale faster and globally, and Findspo’s presence in this initiative demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. Findspo’s solutions have the potential to make a significant impact in the Berlin ecosystem, contributing to the city’s reputation as a hub for innovation and sustainability.


Findspo’s participation in Desafía Berlín is a testament to the company’s innovative approach to sustainability and its commitment to global impact. The program provides a unique opportunity for Findspo to connect with other startups, investors, and stakeholders in the Berlin ecosystem, potentially leading to new collaborations and opportunities for growth. As Findspo continues to develop its solutions, its participation in Desafía Berlín is a significant step towards achieving its mission of reconnecting nature and humanity for a sustainable future.

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